Marcia Diane,  Meeting you was a true blessing and a gift from G-D. I have had many counselors over the past twenty years, and you are the therapist/counselor who helped me to find my higher power. You encouraged me to stay out of my comfort zone, and I did my best to do whatever you asked me to do. At first I had a negative attitude, and you had me carry a big stuffed animal skunk around as a symbol to get rid of my ‘stinkin thinkin’. It worked! I did not want to sit in the Chapel, but I did it anyway. You asked me to journal my thoughts and feelings every day in order to get in touch with who I am. I really and truly did not want to do this, but I did it anyway. After doing all of the things for about ten days that you asked me to do, but did not want to do, I experienced a Divine Intervention, and my life changed! Marcia, my life changed the night of September 27th, 2009, and I met you on or about September 8th, 2009. You were patient yet persistent  with me, you called me on my nonsense, you were kind, yet firm with your choice of words during therapy, and did not give up on me when I was ready to throw in the towel. Marcia, you encouraged me to invite Cathy, my wife in for family counseling and she did come in for counseling. We both appreciated what you did for us, as our marriage is more beautiful now than it ever was. As a matter of fact, from time to time, if we need to discuss something that has the potential to be uncomfortable, we ask ourselves, how would Marcia suggest we handle this? Marcia, you helped me to have a new lease on life, and I eternally grateful for that. I am blessed to have had you as my counselor/therapist. Howard W, AZ, 2-20-2010

The heart dances when the soul is freed from its chains of pain and chaos.


Hi Marcia, You were by far the BEST counselor by a long-shot!  And I’m not just saying that as you were my primary counselor, as in my 22 days there I had plenty of exposure to all of the others…You really helped me tremendously with the deep inner issues I had with my Mother and I can realistically say (for the first time ever in my life), that I don’t feel that all consuming resentment towards her anymore. Big Hugs, Yanna, AZ, 2-28-2010


 Your insights were really helpful.  You confirmed some of my intuitive thoughts as well as giving me some new ideas to consider.  What a gift that is! Michelle F, VA,


Dear Marcia, First of all, big THANKS from me for a wonderful weekend! I really enjoyed the entire experience that you created. I was feeling as though I was high stepping through muck when I showed up on your doorstep.  Your workshop helped me identify what I truly desire and how I have been holding myself back.  The entire process was fun, eye opening and so freeing. And now that I am not carrying those heavy thoughts and feelings, I feel lighter and happier and ready to manifest my dreams. It was nice this morning seeing my vision board and knowing that I am already creating big things. So with lightness in my step, excitement in my heart and a smile on my face, I say thank you for being a blessing to others. Sincerely, Krista, AZ, 2-1-2010


I’M BLOWN AWAY! I’ve found that I’ve had to take this exercise (using VISUAL-MANTRAS™ for WEALTH) slowly as my mind adjusts to to the breakthroughs that I’m experiencing!  I believe that incarnations of financial karma are being resolved here and now!  Details will come later, because I don’t want to dig up the seed before it becomes rooted, but I must say that I’m blown away!  I am on the road to financial freedom here and now!

My attitude toward finances is markedly different.  Because I’ve experienced the shift that has pushed me out of “financial funk,” my visualizations of wealth really include me as an active participant.  Before, I saw myself there, but I felt as though I was watching a movie with myself as an extra.  This visualization is a live stage play with me as the star!   Andi T, MD, 5-15-2010

45 of 72 Names of God: Accepting Infinite Abundance

Today I remember that God’s Light and the created universe are infinitely abundant.

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